Repeat prescriptions are computer generated and can be requested:

  • Online
  • By post – please send in the right hand side of your prescription slip, indicating which medication you require.
  • In person

You will normally be called for a review of your condition every 6 to 12 months. Prescriptions can be sent to pharmacies, please contact the surgery for arrangements.

Please allow 3 working days (excluding weekends) before collecting your medication.

All other services will remain unchanged; this will not affect the dispensing of your medication from the Surgery.

Prescription Costs

If you have more then two regular medication it is advisable to buy a prepayment certificate and you can then get unlimited NHS prescribed medication free of charge.

You are entitled to NHS prescriptions free of charge if you are pregnancy or have on a number of medical conditions please fill in a medical exception form.

For more information about prescription charges please see the NHS website:

Private Prescription

A private prescription is for a non NHS item and so is not paid for by the NHS. The cost of a private prescription is met wholly by the patient and is dictated by the cost of the medicine plus the pharmacists charge for supplying it.

The Private prescription fee is made up of the following:

  • Cost of drug + Vat
  • £10 dispensing fee